Live 360 Video Capture.

Syminar is a live 360 video capture and broadcasting service. With several clicks, educators capture learning sessions and stream them to the web. Remote students attend and interact with educators in immersive video. When the session ends, Syminar saves and organizes sessions for playback and study review.

Healthcare education centers are using Syminar to overcome limitations of current teaching models. Syminar offers an intuitive, immersive and secure way to provide training access from anywhere.

Drag and scroll to look around the 360 image.

On Syminar, you can live stream 360 videos to a large audience in real-time.

Redefining the Virtual Classroom Experience

We believe education is like water. It gives rise to opportunity, hope, and new life. To accelerate its free-flow, we make shared ‘lightbulb moments’ efficient, organized, and widely accessible.


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