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Syminar is a 360 Video Live Streaming System used by schools and hospitals.  Syminar makes it simple for educators to capture and share immersive virtual experiences with audiences, live or asynchronously.

Introducing Syminar

What is 360 video?

A video where viewers control the view.

Example: click and drag on this lab with your mouse to view all 360 degrees.

360 video viewers remain more engaged and attentive — especially powerful for remote education, like telesimulation, during COVID-19.

Secure Video-Hosting

All videos can live on Syminar: clinical simulations, orientation modules, lecture videos...  

Syminar Search can help you sift through video details, Q&As, and annotations for intuitive viewing.  It's like a YouTube with learning tools, and a privacy-first design.

See In Action

Make trainings virtual-ready, fast.

Your educators can be virtual-ready in under one week with best practices through Syminar's Faculty Support Service. Syminar coaches can offer remote-controlled support throughout first week launch.

Our 360 video capture systems are zero-installation and air-shipped.

Students view videos (through Chrome or Safari) with your team's authorization. Or your off-site collaborators'.

Have a question?

Message us for a 15-min video consultation!  We serve across the USA and would be thrilled to hear from you.

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Benjamin Franklin

" Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, 
involve me and I learn. "

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